Meet the Owners

As Oakdale residents, Jack and Lori have a great love for this community!  They feel especially fortunate to be able to raise their family in Oakdale and work locally here in town. Lori’s successful career in real estate in the Central Valley and Jack’s 22 years as an expert in the crop insurance industry found them exploring a new opportunity to be a part of the vibrant downtown retail community of Oakdale.

Lori’s design background started 25 years ago at Washington State University as an interior design major.  She spent over a decade in the commercial design field until moving back to California where she was involved in a family-owned textile printing supply business.  Lori’s most recent design project, in collaboration with her husband, was a remodel for the Oakdale Golf and Country Club. While having some photography framed for the project, the opportunity to buy the shop from the retiring owner came about.

The couple is excited to bring a fresh, new approach to custom framing while adding additional services such as design,  art consultation and home decor.  They are passionate about supporting our local artists and photographers and look forward to sharing their talents with the Oakdale community.